Once again – the racism

My biggest stickler with Canada is the ingrained and almost instinctive racism that exists; which is nowhere more apparent than Kenora.

Being quite blunt – there simply are not many Caucasian folk in this town who do not hold some level of racist sentiment towards everyone that isn’t Caucasian.

As is demonstrated by a Co-Ot Taxi cab ride I took.  Sitting in the minivan cab on the way home I was telling the bloke about where I’m from, and why I came to Canada.  I got to mentioning I lived on Ochiichagwe’Babigo’Ining reserve and that out of all of the rez communities I’ve been in – I have seen the highest proportion of beautiful women come from Wabaseemoong.

So the cab driver seemed to have taken that as a sign that I was racist  because the moron then started saying things like well except the one’s that are pregnant with multiple babies by different fathers, or drunks, or sleeping around which is most of the native chicks in Kenora.

What is the deal with this uneducated bullshit coming from supposed mature and civilised people?  Can a white Canadian person please explain this to me?

It just blows my mind that this town is mostly full of people who on the surface appear normal, but underneath are just a bunch of racist redneck no-brainers.

I bet if I had the means to strap all of the approximately 12,000 white people in this town to a polygraph and told them to deny they’d never said or thought anything racist – less than 0.5% would pass.

Unfortunately this is the town in which I am forced to raise my children.  Racism and jealousy from white people, anger and resentment from native people.

Read the comment kindly posted by Kat Beauchamp about [intlink id=”212″ type=”post”]a conversation heard in a dining establishment[/intlink].  It basically sums up how disgusting race relations are in this town.

Kenora’s racial segregation isn’t any better than post-Apartheid South Africa.