Tainted with prejudice?

Most people in this town know by now that a First Nation woman was shot twice by an Ontario Provincial Police Officer on First Street South on Monday 7th June at around 8:30pm.

In a town such as ours, where allegations of institutional and blatant racism from both the police and the town’s residents are rampant and have been going on for many years, it is no wonder that there are allegations and rumours of a racial motivation for the shooting.

Some people will obviously say that if the perpetrator had been a white woman, the police officer may have been more willing to try non-lethal methods such as her baton, or taser.  I’m not so prone to immediately allege racism, but I do have to wonder whether things would have turned out different if her race had been different.

According to a witness ‘Dina Mandamin’ in this video on CTV,  the story goes that Helen was under the influence whilst wielding a butter knife.  After making repeated attempts to slash her wrists, and an attempt by the investigating officer to snatch the knife away, the suspect apparently lunged at the officer who was forced to shoot.  If it wasn’t for this video on CTV I would probably accused the police of racism too but it is pretty hard to argue with an eye witness on video.

Attacking a police officer with a butter knife is a pretty stupid thing to do, under the influence or not.  So for once… it appears that this incident in which a First Nation person has got hurt by the police is not the latest in a long line of police brutality.