Yes – Kenora does have racial segregation

People constantly tell me that Kenora isn’t racially segregated and that there’s no racism in Kenora.

Every day I see traces of the feeling that’s running hidden but very close to the surface amongst Kenora’s population.

For instance with people queuing at a local establishment that serves alcohol, more than one person has seen them turn away native folk and let in a bunch of white chicks with blonde hair.

The bars ARE racially segregated. Native folk don’t go to Haps unless they’re cops or with a bunch of white people. White people don’t go to Shooter’s unless they’re teens, Haps is closed, or if there’s live entertainment. I’ve seen white cops off duty in Haps numerous times. The only time in 7 years I’ve seen them in Shooters is when they’re on duty.

Or sit down in McDonald’s around 0800hrs and listen to the old folk talk. Yapping on about hating natives.

I wish it would stop.

The first step is to get the non-native population to empathise and try to understand life as a native person in a white dominated culture. Most folk don’t realise that being born native specifically (as opposed to other minorities) in our society puts them at a disadvantage because of the prevalent prejudice, and makes life a struggle right from birth. If the non-native population started to actually care, and not just pay lip service to caring, then things would one day get better. Then I wouldn’t have to walk down the street seeing people I know are racist and wish a piano would fall on their head.