Mountain Biking

Cycling in the Kenora area is a do-it-yourself adventure experience. There are some very challenging trails close to town. For the sensation of exposed rugged bedrock and a wonderful view of the town and the lake saddle up and ride to the top of the Little Amik Trail. [Map 1 B-4] The trail takes a small loop and is moderately challenging if only approximately one kilometre long. A good warm up.

From the parking lot you can choose to go a little more hardcore to the North or take a scenic ride to the beaches to the South and West. Taking a turn to the left and past the Paper Mill will bring you to Scramble Ave. Go to the end of the street [Map 1 C-3] and you will find an advanced level trail which leads to Garrow Park on Rabbit Lake. Be cautious. Many riders have been injured on the rocks, roots and rivulets.

Make your way to the East end of Rabbit Lake and you’ll find a trailhead which leads to the pipeline and hydroline (beside the school board storage building). [Map 1 G-1] From here turning left, to the West, will bring you back toward town but you will have to conquer a few hills and swampy sections. Turning right, to the East, is the beginning of the ‘epic’ ride. Big hills, big swamps and some endurance oriented excursion grinding will give you hours of sweat and enjoyment. Don’t worry about getting lost – you are never very far from a road or highway to head home on. If you know you’re going to go hard, fill your water bottles and tell someone where you plan to go. Ask at a local bike shop for more information.

Just West of Casey’s Bar & Grill you’ll find scenic Sandy Nook [Map 1 A-5] and even further West (just past Keewatin) on Hwy. 17, look for the Mackenzie Portage Road [Map 2 B-3] which leads to the moderately challenging Vernon Trails.

A 40 min. drive north on Hwy. 596 will lead you to the Minaki Yurt Adventures race trail [Map 2 D-1]. It is a well developed and maintained 25km course featuring some moderate to advanced level riding. They offer bike rentals, lessons, great local hospitality and unique accommodation options.

For those with a pioneering spirit and explorers enthusiasm there is great potential for discovering old logging roads and all terrain vehicle trails in the forest areas. Adventure tourists can take pleasure in the wilde ness, wildlife, landforms and the unique history of the Kenora area as one of the most rugged destinations they may ever ride a bike through.

Trans-Canada Trail

Kenora Urban Trail

Ecotourism Adventure

Glacial activities thousands of years ago created rock cliffs and pristine lakes for the outdoor enthusiast. You are sure to see nature at its finest, often times in complete solitude.

The area is remote with over 14,000 islands and 60,000 miles of shoreline, many of them uninhabited – by humans anyway!

Minaki Yurt Adventures
Offering an extensive trail system and relaxed atmosphere. Come out and enjoy an adventure of Mountain Biking, Rockclimbing, x-country skiing, kayaking, hiking or much more.

Website: http://www.minaki.ca/

Green Adventures
Green Adventures Kayak Company offers top of the line equipment, guided paddling trips and instructive courses by skilled guides. Our services range from simply providing rental equipment for your individual/group trip, to deluxe all-inclusive guided trips that include transportation, meals and all required gear.

Phone: 807-467-8229

Website: http://www.greenadventures.ca/


  • Kenora Golf Course
    Golf Course Road, Kenora, ON
    Phone 807-468-7995
    Website: http://www.kenoragolf.com
  • Beauty Bay
    Essex Road, Kenora, ON
    Phone 807-548-4777
  • Bergman Driving Range
    Phone 807-543-3562

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